Peppermint Crisp Ice-cream tart

This is a popular South African dessert made with carnation caramel treat and a peppermint crisp chocolate bar. In this recipe, I’ve churned the filling in my ice-cream maker and made an ice cream pie, but the layering is exactly the same and if you don’t want ice-cream, you can just leave it to set in the fridge.

What goes in:

1 tin of carnation caramel treat

500ml of whipping cream

1 packet of tennis biscuits, crushed

1 small vanilla sponge cake

100mls black coffee

1 large peppermint crisp chocolate bar, chopped or crushed

How to do it:

Crumble the cake by hand and mix the black coffee in with the cake. Press this down into the base of your serving dish. Whip the cream until stiff peaks form and separately whip the caramel to soften it. Once the caramel has a creamy texture you can fold it into the cream. If you are going to make an ice-cream pie, you can now churn this in your ice-cream maker.

If not, refrigerate the filling for an hour before continuing. Later, spoon half of the caramel filling over the cake. Sprinkle a generous layer of crushed tennis biscuit and chocolate over the top, before repeating this using the remaining caramel, followed again by biscuit and chocolate. Save some of the chunky, bright green shards of peppermint crisp to garnish the top and refrigerate the tart for at least an hour before serving. (This is best made the day before and refrigerated overnight).

For the ice-cream version, layer the tart as above using soft ice-cream that is still malleable. Then freeze overnight and keep the tart in the freezer until serving time.

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